3 Glass Shower Door Installations to Wow Your Holiday Guests

It is August, and in the remodeling world that means it is the perfect time to start getting jobs scheduled and completed before company comes for the holidays. We know what you’re thinking… yes, the holidays! Although they seem far away, at Precision Glass we get inundated with shower door remodeling requests at the end of the year and sometimes we can’t get them all done in time. We recommend beating the holiday rush that tends to roll in at the end of September, early October. And to help you get the ball rolling, we put together three of our favorite glass shower door installations that will wow your guests during the holidays. Check them out!

Arched Top Glass Shower Doors

Glass shower door with archArched tops are a great way to enhance any standard shower door.  There are many forms of arches, however they fall into three standard categories: circular, pointed and parabolic, or more U-shaped.  With Precision Glass, we can customize every aspect of your shower doors, from the texture of the glass to its shape.

Glass Shower Doors Added to Bathtub

Bathtub with shower doorAdding a sliding glass shower door to a bathtub not only looks nice but will help eliminate excess water from spilling out of the tub. Standard shower curtains do not do near as good of a job with this as sliding glass doors can. If you have children or have grandchildren coming to visit during the holidays, you will certainly appreciate this shower door.

Custom Textured Glass Shower Door

Shower door with textured glassA third shower door suggestion for your home’s bathroom is one with textured glass. Precision Glass offers frosted and textured glass shower doors in numerous styles, from a bamboo texture to a glacier texture. This helps to create a bolder look in any bathroom.

For more information about customer shower door installations or to schedule a free in-home consultation before the holidays, give Precision Glass a call today at 816-781-0087 or 913-601-6606.