3 Bathroom Updates You Can DIY This Weekend

Bathrooms and kitchens are always high on the list for remodeling. We think it makes sense – no matter how busy your day gets, you’ll have to visit the bathroom sometime! Unfortunately, remodeling is an expensive, time consuming process that takes a lot of preparation to do right. But luckily, sometimes all your bathroom really needs is a few good ideas and a weekend’s worth of attention to feel like a new space.

Whether you’re battling old, broken fixtures or just a poorly planned space, one weekend could make all the difference. Let Precision Glass walk you through some of our approved DIY ideas to update and improve your bathroom.

Replace that Leaky Bathroom Faucet

faucetYou’ve been meaning to fix that old faucet for a while – after all, every time you use it, it makes a huge mess! But what if you decided to replace that faucet instead? There are many great faucet options out there that will not only fix the mess, but also update your sink and bathroom!

While you’re at it, choose a faucet that meets the EPA’s requirements to be WaterSense Certified. These faucets have a lower flow rate and will help your bathroom be ‘green,’ while saving you money.


The steps to replacing a faucet aren’t as complicated as you might expect – check out this step by step tutorial, or this video to see how the average DIYer can handle this project in just a few hours.

circle-mirrorDitch the Pre-Fab Mirror

Basic, pre-fab bathrooms often host a mirror that’s unframed, and just
slightly too small for the space above the vanity or sink. While that mirror will get the job done, it’s always going to look unfinished.

One option is to simply frame out your existing mirror. (And if you’re not feeling particularly handy, we can help you out.) Be sure to select a frame color and style that fits your decor, and one that won’t be so big as to overwhelm your mirror.


If you’re not interested in a framed mirror, it might be time to go shopping! There are a wealth of funky, interesting mirrors out there. Though you may end up spending more to get your ideal mirror, the right mirror can change the whole dynamic of your bathroom decor.

Add Some Wall Hooks

towels-wallTired of towels on the floor? Give them somewhere better to be! When designing a bathroom, it’s easy to underestimate how many towel racks or hooks you’ll really use. And when towels end up on the floor, they’re not only unsightly, but they don’t dry as well and end up smelling of mildew.

Our suggestion? Grab a few hooks, be they fun and decorative, or simple and made to match your existing fixtures. Then, find some space on your bathroom wall that you won’t miss, and hang the hooks. If you’re short on space, don’t forget about the back of the door!

Though this is probably the easiest update you can do, the most important part of this DIY update is to anchor the hooks appropriately. If the screws holding the hooks on the wall aren’t properly anchored, such as into a stud, a heavy towel might fall back to the floor – taking your hook along with it!

Photo Credit – Design Chic

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