3 Accessories for the Perfect Shower Design

shower door, shower head, and shelfIf there’s one place every guest eventually ends up, it’s the bathroom. While you might be proud of your lovely china, or the new sofa in the sitting room – the one room you know you’ll get to brag about is the bathroom.

Chic faucets, elegant shower heads, stylish shelving, and a shower door that screams luxury –  these are the things dream homes are made of. Today, Precision Glass is showing you just how easy it is to make your bathroom the envy of every guest.

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Start With the Shower Door

Any bathroom remodeling job begins and ends with the shower door. It’s the centerpiece. The design of the shower door sets the standard for the rest of the room. Framed or frameless, glass color, texture, and thickness are all options you’ll want to carefully consider with the help of a professional. Once these important questions are answered the rest of the room can begin to fall into place.

Next, Check Out Shower Heads

Once the door is in place, the shower head is next. It must compliment the door’s design. A classic door begs a classic wall-mount design, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. Top-mount shower heads that hang from the ceiling or sliding bar ones can give a timeless design a modern touch.

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Finally, Top It Off With Shelves

No shower is complete without shelving, but be sure it is up to the standard you have set with your shower door and head. Nothing can disintegrate a promising design faster than a hastily chosen shelving unit. Glass shelves have never let anyone down, but if your remodel allows you the opportunity, consider adding built in shelves that leave you with a little extra room as well as a stylish spot to place your shampoo.

If you’re ready to upgrade your shower door, give Precision Glass a call! Contact us at (816) 781-0087 to get started designing your custom shower door – and the bathroom you’ve always wanted.