2016 Shower Door Trends: Year of Luxury

2016 Kansas City TrendsIn 2016, showers are absolutely on trend. While bathtubs are always going to have a place in our bathrooms, this year’s trends are pointing toward an open, airy, luxurious spa that heavily emphasizes showers. The team at Precision Glass is excited to have so many new ideas, and we’re sharing the next big thing in showers and shower doors with you below!

Let’s be Totally Clear

Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, with little to no lighting around the shower. It’s no wonder many of the remodels we see are trying to bring more light and space to their bathroom. One of the best ways to do it? Install a totally clear glass shower door. This trend is really going to take off in 2016, as more and more people embrace the idea of a more open, luxurious bathroom. That frosted shower door might let in some light, but it creates a visual barrier in your bathroom that will always make it feel smaller. Shower curtains often block most of the light, leaving your shower feeling dark and anything but spa-like.

2016 Resolution: Put on Some Weight

Unless you’ve recently shopped for a shower door, you probably didn’t know there are different weights, or thicknesses of glass, used in creating shower doors. (Learn more about heavy glass shower doors, here.) This year you can expect to see a lot of heavy glass shower doors, which are generally about twice as thick as traditional glass shower doors. Why the added weight in 2016? Heavier glass means more stability and safety – which is exactly what you need in a frameless shower door. Frameless shower doors are another huge trend that follows our first trend. Without a frame, that crystal clear shower door makes your bathroom feel big and open.

Trendy Tiles

No, we’re not suggesting your shower door be made of tile – but we do want to point out that you have gorgeous tile options! 2016 is calling for bright, bold colors in bathroom tiles. Why would you want to cover up all the money and effort that goes into a beautifully tiled shower with an ugly shower door? The finishing touches can make or break your bathroom’s style, so don’t forget to pick out a great door to complement those gorgeous tiles, just like this couple did. You’ll also want to make sure you’ve got a professional company installing that door to protect your tiles and the rest of your bathroom from damage.

If you’re looking for more inspiration to remodel your bathroom, or just upgrade your shower, visit our showroom. We’ll be happy to help you explore your options and find the perfect shower door for a lighter, brighter bathroom. Call Precision Glass at (816) 781-0087 to schedule an appointment, or swing by our showroom any time between 7am and 4pm, Monday through Friday!