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Top 5 Interior Bathroom Styles That will Pair Perfectly with Your Glass Shower

At first glance, having a glass shower may only bring about thoughts of a very modern looking bathroom, but in truth, there are a plethora of ways you can style your bathroom around a classic glass shower. Whether you want your bathroom to be an extension of the design throughout the rest of your home [ Read More.. ]

Seal and Protect to Keep Your Glass Shower Cleaner

Precision Glass Services is known around the greater Kansas City area for the prompt, professional installation of glass shower doors in renovation, remodeling and new-construction home projects. Our high-quality glass shower doors come in a variety of configurations, styles, textures and colors, but all should be cared for by an industry-leading glass sealant. For years, [ Read More.. ]

Our Guide to Glass Shower Door Configurations

Precision Glass Services offers a variety of glass door configurations, so greater Kansas City area homeowners can find the perfect option for their bathrooms. Our standard offerings can fit into just about any shower space or room—but if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, our glass consultants can help with a customized design, [ Read More.. ]

Top Tips for Keeping Your Shower Door Sparkling

When you decide to give your bathroom an upgrade, glass shower doors are a feature that you won’t want to pass up. By following these tips that Precision Glass has put together, you’ll ensure that your shower doors will stay crystal clear just by using common household items you may already have around your home. [ Read More.. ]

Three Things to Keep in Mind When Shower Door Shopping

Before you begin the process of shopping for a glass shower door, there’s some important things to consider. To prevent homeowners from going into this journey blindly, Precision Glass Services has put together the top three things to keep in mind for your selection.   Learn Shower Styles  In the process of building or remodeling your [ Read More.. ]

Our Favorite Shower Tile Trends

When building or remodeling the bathrooms in your home, there’s so many benefits to choosing shower doors over shower curtains. The Precision Glass team particularly loves the way glass shower doors better showcase the tiles you’ve so carefully selected for your bathroom’s design. Today, we’ll walk you through some of our favorite trends in shower [ Read More.. ]

Why to Choose Shower Doors Instead of Curtains

When designing the bathroom in your future home or renovating one in your current place, deciding whether or not to invest in glass shower doors or settle for inexpensive shower curtains can put a pause on plans.  Glass shower doors add more value to your home in the long run, with the added benefits of [ Read More.. ]

Hardware finishes to match your style

When updating a bathroom in your home, it’s important to give the space it’s very own style. Whether it reflects the interiors in other rooms of your home or has its own atmosphere altogether, selecting the right hardware finish can be the finishing touch you need to elevate the space. Precision Glass can help you [ Read More.. ]

Add a luxurious touch to your home with glass

Since 1991, homeowners and business owners have trusted Precision Glass with various types of glass projects. While we’re most commonly recognized for our framed and frameless glass shower doors, we can also use our skills to add a sense of luxury to your home through the creation of custom glass pieces. Read on to see [ Read More.. ]

Why Thickness of Glass Matters

The average homeowner might not put a lot of thought into the type or thickness of glass used in their home. However when the time comes for your next interior glass or bathroom renovation, the experts at Precision Glass Services are here to ensure you have the best glass available for your specific project.  Durability [ Read More.. ]